The Almost True Story....

A group of American Ninjas in training were enjoying a Saturday night campfire in the woods. When one of them heard a quiet rustle in the bushes. A wild Haminal had crept up behind them, tempted by the scent of roasting marshmallows.

The ninjas, friends of the forest and its critters, invited the Haminal to join them. They used a "marshmallow on stick" offering to gain the Haminal's trust and draw him into their ninja circle.



The Ninjas then offered the Haminal some marshmallows of his own and taught him the ancient art of making S'mores.










Haminal preferred the simple purity of a perfectly roasted marshmallow..lightly browned, not burnt.

The Haminal was then invited to join the Ninjas for the rest of their weekend training. where he would learn how to defend himself against opponents of any size.


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