After discovering a circle of ninjas around a campfire, Haminal was invited to join them in their training.

Training starts with familiarizing oneself with the surrounding woods...


Haminal hiked with his new companions out into the woods to one of the training circles.

Hammy watched as the sensei demonstrated techniques.
Realizing that the hand to hand techniques would not work well for someone of his stature, Hammy decided to study the bo staff, as it would distance him from his opponent.

Hammy practices bo techniques with a young kunoichi in training..

Haminal decides to try the bo and naginata against some larger opponents...

Emboldened by his success, Hammy decides to try some hand to hand combat..

okay... that's a little scary.. hmmm... maybe if hammy had the higher ground...
YEAH! that's better!


Haminal meditates after the day of training.

And then Hammy enjoyed the evening festivities with his new friends.

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