The REAL True Story....

Okay.. so this may not be as cute as the other story.

I have been training in Budo Taijutsu for several years now. It is a martial arts school comprised of several samurai and ninja schools. We do not often call it Ninjutsu, as Ninjas have kinda gotten a weird wrap after all those 80's movies. Anyhow.. some of us train in dojos, some of us train out in public parks and once a year we have a "warrior camp" in the woods in New England.

We, of course, had campfires at these "warrior camps". As with most campfires, ours was one surrounded by people sharing stories and yummy food. However, the snacks were never so good as the year that one man brought a canned ham, white bread and mustard. Now, most people rolled their eyes at the canned ham as it was presented to the group, but until you have tried this treat roasted over an open flame after a full day of rigorous training, you would have no idea how incredibly delicious it is. That is the year the tradition began.

When you mix home made cookies, an array of drinks and the traditional canned ham sandwiches with very tired, punch drunk people ...comedy ensues. One night, this silliness took the form of a piece of meat on a stick that we all took to calling "ham-boy" who, voiced by one particularly giggly ninja, kept proclaiming "I wanna be a REAL boy!" After a while we started wondering where this hilarious meat product came from. I had a different perspective on this than most of my companions, as I am one of the few girls in the group.. and perhaps the only one with a obsession with cute fuzzy little animals.

I suggested that the canned ham was a small, furry, pink boneless animal, who was perfectly can shaped. All the ham cannery actually had to do was find these animals and pop them into the sharp edged can, removing the fur. I then proceeded to draw the ham animal and the canning process right there at the campfire... and thus Haminal was born.



















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